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Entropy Studio team, starts in 1996 doing digital effects for television ads as well as motion graphics for television channels
Since then we have made some of the most award-winning spots in Spain, also achieving international awards.
Entropy Studio enters the film industry in early 2000, reaching in 2003 the first feature made entirely in Digital postproduction, Recently the feature film for IMAX 3D and 3D Digital Cinema, ”Magic Journey to Africa”, takes Entropy Studio at the forefront of stereoscopic visual effects produced in Europe.

Entropy Studio currently develops works of, 3d, composition, mate-paint, stereoscopy, animation, motion graphics and in general all services related to post production and visual effects for both film and advertising, we have a large team of both human and technical, so as with a large portfolio of the highest level freelances for specific jobs such as mass simulations, particle systems and fluids, etc.

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