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VJ Entter (Raúl Berrueco, Santander 1977) studied Fine Arts at the University of Basque Country and had been working later as motiongrapher, digital designer and Art Director for web and media. As visual artist, he worked as professional video jockey and performer for years, collaborating with electronic musicians on acclaimed audiovisual shows. He also filmed and produced videoclips for music bands and worked for theater productions as video creator.

Entter is widely known for his visual focus on retro arcade and low-fi gaming graphics from the first era of home entertainment consoles such as the Commodore 64, Spectrum and Nintendo's NES and Game Boy. He adds a certain regard for glitches, ROM hacking, trash culture, machinima, visual algorithms, cyberpunk and random scripting; all of which contribute to his cryptic and retro-futuristic style that tries to discover the machines' own DNA.

He triggers his images using a self-coded program for VJing. He often surprises the audience with special setups such as MIDI keytar, wireless controllers, double VJ sessions over 3 or more screens, LED walls, interactive video mapping over gigantic pinballs and even on microscope slides.

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