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My name is michael hardy and I'm a aspiring filmmaker. Filmmaking is something very interesting and challenging. One of the most favorite things I love to do is writing scripts Because I get to control the outcome of the story. I like writing about Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Drama, and Comedy films. Also in my free time when I need something to take my mind off of ideas that I can use for writing scripts for films, I like to play sports like basketball, and football. So anyway, My channel Envision Pictures is about imagining, picturing or visualizing something as a future possibility. To imagine something not yet to existence in this present day. I'm trying to get a lot people to subscribe to my page and to subscribe to a lot of filmmakers like myself to learn from the mistakes that I make on film because I am kind of new to filmmaking. When it comes to filmmaking I'm a student so I'm still learning a lot of things about Screenwriting, Directing, Acting, Producing, Editing and Cinematography. So I hope some day I get to teach other future aspiring filmmakers like myself and give them any advice.

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