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Lead by Creative Director Edwin Omar Cologne, our team is formed by passionate and outstanding professionals in their respective media specialties. All of them with one goal, to create compelling, truthful and captivating pieces of audiovisual art that portrays our clients message and ideals.

We are motivated and inspired every day by our clients rich diversity and unique dynamics. This is a key factor into our creative process to develop customized and breakthrough ideas while staying connected to what’s most important to our clients. We are committed to the mission of providing the outstanding combination of our team’s passion, experience and knowledge to realize our clients vision.


  1. Ryan Booth
  2. Fernando Andrés
  3. Filmscalpel
  4. Lexus Short Films
  6. (a) TWIN (thing).
  7. Isaac Bauman
  8. Peter Crosby
  9. Caroline Koning
  10. Neon
  11. Union Production Co.
  12. Tom O'Neill
  13. Blackbird Automotive
  14. Uncage the Soul Productions
  15. Magnus Leifsson
  16. Rogerio Silva
  17. Harvey Pearson
  18. Lee Hardcastle

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