Patrik Nordlund

Norrköping, Sweden

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I currently work as a Biomedical Engineer at the University Hospital of Linköping, Sweden. Daily I work with Dicom image storage, processing and transfer for ultrasound and x-ray images, CT, PET and MR imaging. We deal with real-time 3D presentation of CT/MR volume scans, interactive exams of subjects with haptic feedback, VR theatre visualization, and more. I am also an Apple iOS Developer.

Although I am an MsC in Media Technology, my heart lies in CGI, digital imaging and video on a more creative level. I really feel that the advent of the DSLR:s really makes film making even more accessible. Not only on a budget, but the gear is more manageable and light-weight - until I have acquired all the "necessary" extras of course. ;)

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