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Since its inception in 2009, EPHER HEILLAND has explored filmmaking in a variety of genres and mediums; advertising, documentaries, fiction, installations and music videos.
EPHER HEILLAND is a production company based in Montreal, Canada.
EPHER HEILLAND is a director duo; Stéphane Grasso and Michael Shu.


  1. Travis Komarnisky
  2. Maxime Valsan
  3. T.J. Sponzo
  4. 2BAproductions
  5. APigeon
  6. Dan LeMoyne
  7. Judd L. Tilyard
  8. Buffalogirlsthemovie
  9. Yola van Leeuwenkamp
  10. Yonder
  11. ottoblix
  12. Take Away Sounds
  13. laurent rozencwajg
  14. David Uloth
  16. Colette Ménard
  17. Yan Giroux
  18. John Londono

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