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EPICMAN PRODUCTION is an inspirational Berlin based film Production Company founded by Christian Pfeil. We concentrate on storytelling films: whether it is a feature, a short, a commercial or a music video. We use innovative and skilled methods that result in a final product of superior and entertaining visual finesse. At EPICMAN PRODUCTION we abstain from being a rigid apparatus. Our philosophy is to be flexible and creative. We understand that each project is unique; therefore our focus is to individually tailor the needs of our clients to achieve their goals. At EPICMAN PRODUCTION we are able to remain creative, independent and fully flexible when assembling our project teams.

Our large professional network in all areas of media production makes it possible for us to always source the right person for the right job. This in turn allows us to provide the customer with clear and coherent concepts when producing ideas into finished films. For the realization of ideas, it is our priority to produce films that we believe offer something special and individual, which may not necessarily follow current trends or styles. Originality is the key to success at EPICMAN PRODUCTION.

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