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2013 Goal - We are in search for clothing designers, manufactures or artist who are ready to take the next step.

Epic Model Co. is proud to offer rich, high-end professional DSLR videography & photography services.
Whether your a company looking to promote your brand, product line, or an Agent/Agency looking to test, Epic Model Co. would highly suggest videography for a far more mesmerizing, vivid, bold and captivating experience that standard photography just can't offer. Our videography will undoubtedly bring brand awareness to any viewer, "definitely a must have for any professionals portfolio".

In today's great fashion industry it is critical to any new face, clothing line, designer, or manufacture, to be distinguished as their own, you must make your mark, be bold, flaunt your style, trends, look, and artistic abilities, one of the best ways to do this is with a short 30 - 60 second long promo commercial, They are quickly becoming more popular for several different reasons, one being lower cost to promote and market on video hosting sites such as Vimeo or youtube, if done right you can promote and bring brand awareness to thousands sometimes hundreds of thousands of people across the world with only 1 upload 1 time on 1 website, FOR FREE!! what's that worth to you?? These high end videos we offer give an entirely different and professional perspective to the viewer by capturing their attention with real motion synchronized to sound/music, this creates an overall feeling/emotion when viewed, from hand bags to shoes, jackets to underwear, fragrances to jewelry, Cars to air craft no project is too big we will deliver that captivating & unique feel in every production.

Hello My name is Adam K. I am the director, producer, photographer & founder of the EPIC MODEL Co. I retouch all my own photos and edit every video project myself but I can't take all the credit, I have such a great team of creative visionaries whom I'm honored to my call friends.

Josh M. - Creative Visionary & Project asst.
Kelsey M. - Creative Hair artist & Designer
Jessica M. - Creative Hair and MUA
Kat J. - Creative Visionary and MUA

I am working toward building the EPIC MODEL Co. brand as a highly respected and sought-after name in the fashion, commercial, & Film industry known not just in the US but world wide for its creativity, vivid vision, tasteful videography and photography media.

Our goal with every production is to captivate viewers emotions by using our creativity, ingenuity & imagination.

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