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This is our page for our videos/films that are produced Commercially for /leisure. If you are interested in me creating a promo video for your band/social event or whatever you wish. Send us a message and we can discuss it.



I love working as a free lance photographer/film editor. Running a business has really matured me, and has taught me a lot about different factors that control how different industries function, a tip to success is knowing who to contact for any advice, and having a solid foundation of supporters who respect your work ethic. To the people I've interacted with in the past 6 months all across the world, I encourage you to not only pursue your talents, but to figure out how they can inspire other ideas as well as figure out where you are most appreciated in this world. Being appreciated for your contributions where it is most needed will keep you going for the rest of your life.

Jack Swiss:
My real name is Giacomo Cioffi, 25. I'm from the tiny Switzerland and always loved to make movies...I remember makin my first little crappy movies with tape-like cameras back in the ol' days but the first "real" movie was done in 2004 after my first trip to the US. Is there that I learned that movies do get old in terms of technology but always keep alive the memories in terms of images. They won't ever be deleted....so I kinda captured that moment and now it's indissoluble!
I then stepped more into photography in the last years although, after meeting Lucas I kinda felt of going back to the video world and started upgrading to the DSLR video world.

Now I try to keep up the fast and great production of my mate eventhough I can't always keep it up...

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