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By a one-vote margin after a long and sometimes emotional meeting, Holland City Council 06.15.11 vetoed adding sexual orientation to its anti-discrimination ordinances covering housing and jobs.

What are we hoping to accomplish:
We want the City of Holland to reconsider their vote that excluded sexual orientation and gender identity from anti-discrimination protections in the city. We hope Holland businesses take a strong and immediate stance in opposing that exclusion from protection. We'll promote patronage of any business that formally and openly opposes that exclusion. We'll continue to educate the city, region and state on the situation in Holland, where Council Members voted down the recommendation made by its own Human Rights Commission. The Holland HRC had spent 1.5 years in dialog, research and other efforts to reach its findings. One member of the HHRC quit in protest after the vote.

We hope through communications at City Council meetings, media outreach, organizing and other methods, the Holland City Council will decide they need to reconsider the ordinance and vote it up affirmatively, by at least a ⅔ majority.

Media contact: info@untilloveisequal.com
Website: untilloveisequal.com

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