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User Bio - "But the only thing that worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge..." -Hunter S. Thompson, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

This is the Queen of Happy Heartbreak* & Disco-Noir c. Nineteen-Canteen. (*Name of my "genre" of music I write when I actually record it according to the way it sounds in my head. Mine... MINE!) I've got the body of a leprosy-riddled demon and the heart of an insatiable carnivore. I live to devour your senses by any means necessary. At least I'll always have my delusions and my art. Delusions are my way of life. Art is beauty immortalized, but people...

The story comes, the story wants to be told. It flows in the direction most conducive for the mode and circumstance. The music will generally juxtapose the vernacular to test if you are paying attention. If not, enjoy the aural ether of noise and bounce. If you like language, the journey might shed a tear of reminiscence and joy for overcoming it in a jubilees facade. There are artists I dig, but if each song has it's own life, my stories aren't "influenced" by their stories. A round about way of differentiating the misinterpretations of this question. In the collective, they create "The Gospel According to Erica". Individually, each encompasses a musical maelstrom. The best and most frequent reaction to my (few recorded thus far in their true form) songs are, "I like it, but I can't place it in a genre?" (I'm paraphrasing), which is why I made up my own categories: The Happy Heartbreak, Disco-Noir. What do they mean? Will "real rekkinize real"? Your reel to my reel? Or at least empathize enough to get lost in a few minutes of my aural ether? I would be most flattered if you gave it a try...

Enough demonstrative digression. "Influences":

Syzygy, Synastry, Lust, Ego Death, Synchronicity, Synergy, Misinterpreting a surge of serotonin for the abstract shackle "Love", Impulsive decisions, Regrets, Mourning, Déjà vu, Quests for the Holy Grail, a sprinkle of one night lands, a lifetime with only one boyfriend (but not for my lifetime), Intimidated boys, Intimidating boys, coming to grips with being celibate, Being very Naive, Becoming very Jaded, the beach a half hour before sunset, Introspection, Gnosticism, Swimming in the ocean, Kissing naked, Lunar phases, Fantasy World, Tripping on acid, Not smoking weed, Space shakes, Overcast mornings, Starry skies, Endless desert roads, my future Earthship in Taos NM, Spandex pants, Sparkly jewelry, Being ostracized in my previous life, Overcoming adversity, Scars, Contemplating in solitude, Words as daggers, Creative expression as the bandage, Performance as the exorcism, Cemeteries, Incense, Divinity, Crystals, Catty girls, Smiling at stupidity thus enraging it further, Tarot cards, Collecting athames, Kittens, Stray cats, Saying what you're thinking but refuse to verbalize, Not giving a shit about what ignorant people will think, Unanswered questions, Bedazzling stuff, NYC subway, Coney Island, Rosslyn Chapel, Green Man, Seeming pretentious to those that don't know me but judge me and are self conscious of themselves and project that to me, Being too giving to those who hurt me the most, Looking high maintenance but being down to earth, turning out to be one of the sanest chill people you know as a result of my self-sedating sporadicness, Alliteration, Subliminal messages, Déjà vu, Being a wiseass, Comic Books, Shamanism, Gypsy lore, Channeling energy, Channeled energy that backfired, Random bouts of psychicness in areas other than accurate lottery numbers, Fairy tales, Sidereal Astrology, Wondering if Destiny exists, Costumes, Running in front of traffic, Dressing for one season all year round, Trendsetting by not following trends, Trespassing, Raising your eyebrows, Wearing "unicorn cum" on my forehead, Following through with ANY good dare, Being your biggest fear while being your biggest regret, Being the girl of your dreams you never call again, Street Justice, Being alone but not lonely, Wondering if a soul like mine can even have a soulmate, Deluding I may have already met my soulmate to be eternally tortured by a life of separation, Karma, Revenge, Reincarnation, Redemption, Hope, Throwing my essence to this shit covered wall as a huge defensive hurdle to filter you out before you disappoint me, Turning out to be what you didn't expect.

I am an actress / cabaret performer / singer / cartoonist / illustrator / clothing designer / webmistress / graphic designer / doodler / master turd polisher / rescuer of damsels in distress / traveler / rabble-rouser / helpless, hopeless empath / lecher of the addicted and afflicted / all around misunderstood, misinterpreted banshee succubus hybrid. So much emotion, so displaced. Viewer Beware.

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