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Eric Giovon is a photographer and cinematographer living in NYC. His connection to photography started at the very young age of 5 in his father's photography store in Brooklyn, New York. Giovon has lived in Miami, Mexico City, Italy, and Greece; and draws upon these environmental influences in his work. He has served as Director of Photography on over 100 productions (films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials).

Throughout the years, Eric has had the privilege to work with distinguished and talented artists such as director Barry Levinson ("Rain Man", "Sleepers", "Good Morning, Vietnam") and actors Jude Law, Jennifer Connelly, Andie MacDowell, and Carry Elwes.

For four years he shot the U.S. Open Series commercials which have aired nationally; featuring all of the top players in the world: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams,...., etc.

His most recent narrative films include a short film with world legendary music video director Bob Giraldi (Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, Paul McCartney’s “Say, Say, Say”) called “Second Guessing Grandma”. The feature film “House of Satisfaction” marked a new and fruitful collaboration between Giovon and producer Christopher Roberts (won Sundance for “The Believer”). It premiered last year at the 2009 Reykjavik International Film Festival and the 2009 Montreal International Film Festival.

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