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Award-winning composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Goetz prides himself on his diverse background and flexibility as a composer. Eric started composing at a very early age, writing video game music on his TI-99 computer in BASIC. Eric went on to receive a B.A. in Music from Western Washington University, where he studied classical piano with Jeffery Gilliam and jazz with Chuck Israels (Bill Evans Trio). After graduating, Eric moved to Seattle and studied film composition with Emmy-winning composer Hummie Mann, and accordion with jazz great Ken Olendorf.

Eric has scored several feature films and numerous shorts, including the award-winning Seattle In Color, which was featured in last year's Seattle International Film Festival. In 2009, Eric won Best Musical Score for his work on the Seattle 45-Hour Film Program film, Greensleeves. Eric has worked with Emmy-nominated filmmaker Amy Enser on numerous occasions and has collaborated with director Tran Quoc Bao on the multiple award-winning, Bookie and scored Bao's most recent film, Black Coffee, a Hitchcock-inspired noir short, produced as part of the invitation-only, Seattle International Film Festival Fly Film challenge. Eric's most recent feature film project, Beyond Greenaway is screening at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, Culture and Cultures in Lempaut, Grand Rapids Film Fest, Tacoma Film Fest and Globians Docfest in Berlin.

When not composing, Eric regularly performs with numerous groups including Central Services, which recently received national attention for their critically-acclaimed release for grade-schoolers, Central Services Presents... The Board of Education. Eric serves on the board of the Seattle Composers Alliance, an organization made up of professional composers and students, who's mission includes expanding Seattle's reputation as a center for musical creativity, educational outreach, and knowledge exchange among composers.

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