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Eric P. Gulliver is a Boston-based editor and producer. He has worked in post-production since 2008 with experience in agency boutiques, broadcast television, and feature documentaries.

Since 2008, Eric has edited with filmmaker John Gianvito on three documentary features and one short – the most recent of which (WAKE (SUBIC), 2015) he co-edited. He works as an editor for The OutPost at WGBH, where he has earned assistant editor credits on national productions such as FRONTLINE (65 broadcast hours), American Experience, and Nova. Currently, Eric is producing/editing short films for FRONTLINE & American Experience.

In 2012, Eric co-started The Non-Fiction Cartel, a working collaborative whose purpose is to support, create and enhance documentary media making in the New England area, where he serves as Co-Chair.

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