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Charlotte, NC

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I love the filmmaking process because it lets you be the eyes and ears for other people for a few minutes of their day... what other job does that?!

I specialize in short-form film projects, motion graphics, and photography. I'm currently the video producer at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC and am also available for occasional free-lance work... feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback on my work.


  1. Erin Fede
  2. Forest Hill Media
  3. Long Hollow Creative
  5. Whitestone Motion Pictures
  6. Shimi Cohen
  7. Steven Kasay
  8. Brad Wolf
  9. Variable
  10. Mothlight Creative
  12. ManvsMachine
  13. Cross Point Church
  14. North Point Media
  15. Church on the Move
  16. NewSpring Creative
  17. Geoff Schultz
  18. katie rowland

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  1. Eric, this video is beautifully shot and edited! Superb! :)