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“Without a doubt, independent filmmaker Eric Stanze is one of the more seasoned and exciting storytellers working today.”

“Eric Stanze has been one of the indie horror scene’s most prominent and influential filmmakers for at least 20 years.”

“Eric Stanze is a filmmaker who has created an astonishing output of jolting, original flicks which provide an intellectual and artistic shock. His films stand out for their audacity and imagination.”
- Film Threat Magazine

“Director Eric Stanze is to be congratulated on raising the bar for horror avant-garde filmmaking.”
- New York Daily News

“In Stanze’s hands, the impossible comes magically to life, radiating off the screen in waves of sheer talent. He has the chops to walk right into Hollywood today and command any level of production, from a large scale work of epic scope to a small, two person character study. He inherently understands the nature of the cinematic artform and accents it with amazing accomplishment.”

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