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Brisbane, Australia

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Music for me has always been about craft and connection: the craft of how it's written, and connection with the content and with people. For me I count it a privilege when someone has listen to what I've spent time crafting, and I hope that they feel a sense of joy from what they hear.

My goal is that I might be able to create those goose bumps moments of hearing something that connects deeply with your heart and emotions. Whether that’s through writing music that makes an image or a story come alive, or something as simple as creating music that you enjoy on the commute home from work in the comfort of a set of headphones

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    Love the sound design!
  2. This captures my love for skateboarding, film and music...Love it!
  3. Great story, Great shots, Great music...Basically this is great!:)
  4. :)
  5. This is brilliant! Some amazing shots.