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  1. altvfx

    altvfx PRO Australia


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    Alt.vfx specialises in design, animation and visual effects for commercials, film and television. We believe in choosing the projects we work on as carefully as we choose the artists we work with. We don’t take what we do for granted in fact, we relish the world we have created for ourselves…

  2. Method Studios

    Method Studios PRO NYC, LA, VAN, AUS


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    International, award-winning VFX, digital, and design studios providing a full range of services for the film, TV and advertising industries. Method Design is an extension of Deluxe's Method Studios that specializes in Design, Motion & Direction.

  3. Adam Kelsey

    Adam Kelsey Plus Chicago, IL


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    Originally from North Aurora, Illinois, I graduated from NIU in May 2010 with a degree in Visual Communication. Since then I've gained 4 years experience working in television at places such as WLS-TV and Weigel broadcasting. My role included the creation of graphic elements for local news, original…


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