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I'm always looking for new creative and interesting work opportunities.
I bring an eye for detail and can add an edginess to the product.
My main job is as a Broadcast Audio Engineer, mixing for networks such as FOX, FS1 and Big Ten Network. I have a national Emmy for my work with FOX Saturday Baseball.
I am also a 2 time Emmy Award winning Videographer and a Final Cut Editor with over 17 years experience.
I've filled other roles such as Producer, Art Director, Production Designer & Production Manager as well as Live Event Sound Engineer.


  1. Foster Huntington
  2. Janky Clown Productions
  3. NOVALAPSE Timelapse Recordings
  4. Kessler Crane
  5. Philip Bloom
  6. Cristina Valdivieso + Jon Connor
  7. Biff Malibu
  8. beeple
  9. Orange Wedding Films
  10. Casey Neistat
  11. jason satterfield
  12. John Roberts
  13. Cesar Gamino
  14. Tom Brandt
  15. Coleccion
  16. Beck Hansen
  17. Andrew Waldron
  18. Christoph Schaarschmidt

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