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Gorham, Maine

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erin flett is about bold, imperfect and organic shapes and elements that are collaged together for her unique hand drawn eclectic style. Erin is a wife, mother of two little girls with a passion for funky vintage finds and living and breathing design. Erin is a passionate, prolific graphic artist that in the last two years has focused on creating her own line of hand screened textiles out of her Maine studio. She has won numerous design awards and published in a variety of design books, magazines and blogs featuring her distinctive hand.

Erin’s graphic vision is to continue to create a highly designed and crafted home goods that are affordable and fun that encompass all the subtle fine details that make her unique hand drawn collaged graphic patterns so sought after and collected. Her soulful and fun designs bring joy and dimension with a traditional / modern edge and new breathe in the world of textiles. Her work makes you smile, ponder and gives your space new life and style.

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