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I am a writer/director/producer. I also shoot and edit.

Currently, I am developing a feature that I wrote, adapted from the novel, "East of Denver" by Gregory Hill about a High Plains Heist.

I work with Milburn Media Arts and teach at Pratt Institute.

I was the Producer of "My Best Day," a comedy ensemble written and directed by Erin Greenwell which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival: Karen's life as a small town receptionist is turned upside down when the father she never knew calls for a refrigerator repair.

I am the Producer/ Director of "Passion," a short music documentary about the search for the lost legacy, Polish Jazz violinist, Zbigniew Seifert. The feature version is in post-production and was awarded the New York State Council of the Arts Grant.

I was Production manager of "Clutter," a feature about a hoarder starring Carol Kane, produced by Table Ten Films (Paul Marcarelli and Molly Pearson) and directed by Diane Crespo.

I was the Director of "Devil May Care" about the octogenarian jazz man, Bob Dorough who composed the music for "SchoolHouse Rock!"

I was the Cinematographer of Barbara Hammer's "Maya Deren's Sink," which won the Teddy for Best Short Film at Berlin International, screened at IFC's Docuweeks and opened Hammer's retrospectives at the MoMA, Tate Modern and Jeu De Paume.

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