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  1. 14:34:35

    Code Mesh 2013

    by Erlang Solutions

    22 Videos

    Code Mesh London is the best place in Europe for non-mainstream tech and programming languages. On 4-5 December 2013 over 50 inventors and originators of the most innovative languages and technologies…

  2. 06:44:36

    Erlang User Conference 2013

    by Erlang Solutions

    9 Videos

    Videos from the Erlang User Conference 2013 on 13-14 June . For the 19th time in a row, the Erlang User Conference was a hit! 8 tracks and 64 speakers including Erlang's inventors and many…

  3. 12:48

    Erlang Embedded

    by Erlang Solutions

    2 Videos

    This is a collection of our Erlang Embedded videos.

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