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Eryka is a graduate of cultural anthropology at The University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a slavophile with a penchant for reptiles, lox and grog. Beginning as a film photographer, she has steadily been making her way into digital and moving image mediums. Her favorite color is burgundy. At this point most of her work falls within the realm of magic-realist documentary.

In the summer of 2012 she completed an art residency program with filmmaker & artist Naomi Uman in the village of Legedzyne in Ukraine's Cherkasy Oblast where she filmed, photographed, conducted interviews and documented the magic, tradition, mythology, dirt and history of life as witnessed by certain Legedzynians & whoever she met on the road that would talk to her.

She is currently at work on the Undergraduate Research Initiative Grant with professor and anthropologist Dr. Waud Kracke regarding superstition and personal symbology in Ukraine. She has studied under filmmaker Deborah Stratman and local photographer Christopher Schneberger at Columbia College Chicago. In her free time she likes to dance flamenco, study capoeira, "sing" & play pool pretty badly.

Amongst her greatest influences & inspirations have been Studs Terkel, Ben Rivers, Joe Frank, Ingmar Bergman, The Dark Crystal, Emo Philips, Diamanda Galas, Yoko Ashikawa, Peter Greenaway, Harriet the Spy, Max Ernst, Eastern-Slavic literature, Tom Musick, Carmen Amaya, George Kuchar, Bob Fosse, Sarah Kane, Leonard Cohen, psycho-analysis, ethnographic film and the general matter of existence.

In 2011 she attended Slamdance Film Festival as a Made in Iran: 7 Short Premieres crew member.

Expect to see more soon!

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