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    by mark Janz-Armstrong joined

    60 Videos / 6 Members

    The South Florida tropical beaches and streets are covered by The REAL Negotiator in his unique irreverent style. Live the adventure with him by connecting with him at his website: http://TheRealNegotiator.com…

  2. Tropical | HD

    by Jeff Gammons joined

    26 Videos / 34 Members

    This group is focused towards Tropical HD videos. Scenes and short films with tropical weather, nature, lifestyle, and regions of the world. No matter if your video is from the blue waters of the…

  3. SketchUp Enthusiasts

    by Eric Berg joined

    41 Videos / 42 Members

    This Group is for all the people how worked with SketchUp in all kind of sections in 3D. you can upload your Vizualizes from your Models and Show other peolpe what the Program can do... and also…

  4. I Love Dinosaurs!

    by Karen Abad joined

    90 Videos / 61 Members

    Because they're wonderful.

  5. Cave Diving Worldwide

    by Perrone Ford joined

    287 Videos / 170 Members

    The home for cave diving videos from around the world. We will be showcasing them, discussing them, and helping people who want to make their own.

  6. New Jersey

    by Brad Miller joined

    482 Videos / 55 Members

    Videos about, shot in, or having anything to do with New Jersey

  7. Rhode Island

    by Rafael Rodrigues joined

    67 Videos / 15 Members

    This group is for videos that are made in Rhode Island. Beaches, Architecture, Monuments, Providence, etc...

  8. Retouching

    by iconicshot joined

    103 Videos / 49 Members

  9. Food & Farming

    by Bioneers joined

    153 Videos / 91 Members

    New ways of doing the business of feeding people are emerging at the grass roots level that are creative, community-building, healthy, life affirming and are vital models to help design and build…

  10. NASCAR

    by Wes Brown joined

    28 Videos / 11 Members

  11. Painters Group

    by JR joined

    654 Videos / 462 Members

    Any one with a painting talent or artistic abilities. If your an artist with a different twist show your work or your interest's as an artist in the video world.

  12. Boating

    by Nomie Hamid joined

    85 Videos / 53 Members

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