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Award-Winning Documentary Series - Escape to Nature

... a long term project of two adventurous and filmmakers from Prague, Czech Republic.

We produce documentary films, video clips, photographs, and all including post-production for Tourism Boards and Travel & Tourism Companies, Conservation Organizations, Diving and Hotel Resorts, Expeditions, Boat Charters, and etc.

Specialties: underwater, traveling, nature, marine life, nature preserve, environmentalism, resorts, hotels, culture, local people, artists, fine art and etc.

Our documentaries are broadcast in National Czech Television (Ceska televize) and through our representative to foreign TV Channels.

We offer the rights to broadcast the first completed four episodes of documentary series Escape to Nature for acquisitions of Television Channels, Cable Televisions, and etc.

Completed Award-Winning Documentaries from the project Escape to Nature:
Escape to Mauritius (52')
Escape to Tahiti and Her Islands (52')
Escape to Saint Lucia (52')
Escape to Vanuatu (52')
Escape to Papua New Guinea (52')
Escape to Maldives (52)

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