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Montage Film Reviews is an independently owned film website that seeks to elevate film as the culmination of all other art forms. These include literature, illustration, fine art, product design, ceramics, and fashion and so on. The ultimate goal here is to offer both the consumer and the makers of film a place to discover new things and new people who also enjoy seeing film from this perspective. This website is for people who think intellectually and/or creatively about life, as a regular haunt and I hope that this will become as dear to you as your favourite coffee shop.

Montage is intended to be a complete cinematic experience that incorporates DVD rentals and purchases (please see the subscribe and stores links at the top of the screen of the official website), a video podcast, an audio podcast, a biography section, a forum, a blog, a books section, a calendar, its own festival, a gallery, a reviews section, a calendar, a jobsboard and an e-mail fortnightly newsletter.

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