Esmesis Pleiades

San Salvador, El Salvador

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Conducted a Bachelor and Master in Cinematographic and Audiovisual Studies at the University of Paris Sorbonne. Worked my thesis on Concrète Music and Cinema under the supervision of Michel Chion. Worked as a lecturer at the Cinémathèque Française in Paris.
Award winner at the Central American Film Festival, ICARO, in the category of Best Animated Short Film "Cambio de Frecuencia" (Frequency Shift), co-directed with Tere Cornejo.
Directed the documentary "El Adulto Exterior" (The Outer Adult) commissioned by UNICEF.
I'm currently CEO at CIRCA - - and work with El Salvador's art scene.

My joy and contribution to this world is to create beautiful-fantastic-meaningful-insightful-hyper-real imagery, to tell stories that translate freedom, truth and love, not just crazy and colourful bullshit.
Filmmaking makes me a meaningful human being.

I’ve signed my work by the names Ardhanari (2009-2012) and currently as Esmesis.

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  • CIRCA - Centro de Investigación de Recursos Centroamericanos
  • Kerloe - The music I make


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