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"Estela is a professional Belly Dancer, performing artist, choreographer, and instructor based in Las Vegas, who is recognized as one of today's top performers that offers professional dancing to Las Vegas at it's best. Estela has performed in theaters, concert halls, nightclubs and restaurants, Many high end Hotel & Casinos are Estela's home to show her extreme talent that captivates her audience. Estela also performs for local festival's and charity events. Estela has been requested to perform for conventions for travelers from around the world. She has been in the media, including TV, magazines and has appeared in several Las Vegas professional entertainment guide for visitors. Her dance displays elegance and mystical motion with a blend of powerful energy that is mesmerizing . Estela's talent brings a total new experience in the beauty and mystery of Belly Dance. "

Estela's signature style are: Egyptian, Lebanese & Turkish American Cabaret Style, Classical Oriental, Middle Eastern Folk Dance, Modern Egyptian.

Estela started her dance training in 2004 at The College Of Southern Nevada were she discovered her passion for
Belly Dance. She studied many Traditional, Classical and Folk dance styles of the Middle East. She did not limit herself to one specific dance her other styles of dance
include Ballroom, Jazz, and Latin dances along with tango, salsa, samba, and flamenco

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