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I'm a passionate and versatile freelance motion design director with 14 years experience working within broadcast and corporate communications. If it's an idea you need, I can help. If you need a style frame or storyboard, I can do that too. Or if you'd like me to help you along the whole journey, including animation, I'm your woman! My strengths lie in creative thinking and visually interpreting briefs. I enjoy art direction, developing visual treatments, either with a pre-existing brand toolkit or from scratch, and I'm a fully fledged After Effects animator. I'm fully experienced in the Adobe Creative Suite and have a solid understanding of 3D software (I have been known to jump into Cinema 4D).

I also tutor at the City Lit College in London as well as having taught in higher education, so happy to take on any extra tutoring/training contracts.

When not animating or teaching, I might be found dabbling in the following: Illustrative/pattern based work, Generative art, Letterpress and Screen printing. More recently, I've become a trainee yoga teacher so who knows where that might take me!

So, do get in touch with any design commissions, tutoring offers or creative collaborations. I’d love to hear from you!

Please note: due to client sensitivity, a lot of my work is set to private. Therefore, please drop me an email request if you'd like to view the rest of my projects - estellebaylis(at)me(dot)com.

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