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The Environmental Studies (ES) Program at UC Santa Barbara is one of the oldest and largest undergraduate environmental studies programs in the world. This website hosts three "Channels" containing videos of lectures hosted by or related to the ES Program and its educational efforts:

CHANNEL 1. Videos produced and lectures hosted by the ES Program.

CHANNEL 2. Professor William "Bill" Freudenburg: A Tribute

CHANNEL 3. Special Lecture Series: "Forty Years after the Big Spill - Looking Back, Looking Ahead: 21st Century Environmental Challenges"

About the ES Program at UCSB: On February 18th, 1969, just a few weeks after the Santa Barbara Oil spill, a group of twenty-one faculty, calling themselves The Friends of the Human Habitat, met to discuss the possibility of promoting some form of environmental education at UCSB. By the fall of 1970 the Environmental Studies Program was established, one of the first of a new breed of educational programs in the country.

Four decades later, the Environmental Studies (ES) Program at UCSB still holds true to its goal of a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to education while simultaneously evolving and adapting to meet the challenges of an ever changing world, both academically and environmentally. Today, with more than 700 enrolled students and over 5,600 alumni actively working to preserve and protect our environment, the ES Program at UC Santa Barbara is considered one of the oldest and most successful undergraduate environmental programs in the world.
Questions, email: esprogram@es.ucsb.edu or call 805-893-2968.
ES Program website:

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