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  1. 01:22:13

    Virtual Field School Project

    by InstructionalTechnologiesSupport

    This is a collection of videos reporting on our progress on the Virtual Field School Project --an immersive 3-d virtual village based on El Cerrito, NM Mission The purpose of the virtual field…

  2. 52:04

    Media Production Showcase

    by InstructionalTechnologiesSupport

    12 Videos

    Media Production's staff are some of the very best creative and technical minds in the business and pride themselves in combining these abilities to craft quality video content to meet the communication…

  3. 23:10

    Profiles in Teaching

    by InstructionalTechnologiesSupport

    The Profiles in Teaching series focuses on award winning faculty at Texas State University. Each segment takes a close look at effective classroom methods that challenge and inspire students to…

  4. 11:51

    Teaching With Technology

    by InstructionalTechnologiesSupport

    This series profiles faculty who are using video and other technologies to enhance their teaching. In most cases, faculty worked with instructional technologists at their university to design and…

  5. 05:28

    The Buzz About ITS

    by InstructionalTechnologiesSupport

    Faculty talk about ITS services

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