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  1. 18:36


    by Ethno Tekh

    8 Videos

    Gravitate is an interactive installation with 100% live motion-capture music creation. This is currently a work in progress, with this video series representing the introduction of key elements. http://www.ethnotekh.com/

  2. 19:43

    Tekh Map

    by Ethno Tekh

    2 Videos

    Tutorials and examples for our M4L device range "Tekh Map".

  3. 39:56

    Tekh Tonic

    by Ethno Tekh

    11 Videos

    A hi-tech OSC / MIDI controller suite for the Leap Motion. http://www.ethnotekh.com/software/tekh-tonic/

  4. 03:43


    by Ethno Tekh

    3 Videos

    Vex is a geometric shape with an algorithmic propensity for glitch. Created in Unity 3D, this shape writhes and twitches using a generative movement pattern, meaning no moment is ever the same.

  5. 08:32

    Virtual Reality experiments

    by Ethno Tekh

    4 Videos

    Here are some videos of our experimental work with virtual reality

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