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“The Enhanced EU-Canada Economic Partnership: Challenges and Opportunities for SMEs”:
The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada – West (ICCC), with offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Milan, forms part of a network of 75 Italian Chambers of Commerce spread throughout the world. The Italian Chambers of Commerce in Brussels, London, Amsterdam and Lyon, together with our office in Milan, will carry out a series of activities in the EU that will be linked to a similar but expanded series of activities in Canada. Our Canadian partners will be the Provincial Governments in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec; the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB); the Italian Chambers of Commerce in Toronto and Montreal; the Institute of European Studies at the University of British Columbia; and Postmedia Newspaper Network.

All the activities in both Canada and the EU will have a differentiated target audience but a common goal: that of taking the EU-Canada relationship forward by providing occasions for exploring EU-Canada cooperation through facilitating the involvement of SMEs in the opportunities arising from the expanded trade relations deriving from CETA and of formulating concrete recommendations with respect to future initiatives.

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