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  1. Implementation details of core.async Channels - Rich Hickey


    from EuroClojure Added 2,989 17 3

    as per subject :-) The slides are here: http://cdn.cognitect.com/presentations/2014/insidechannels.pdf

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    • core.logic.intro - Edmund Jackson


      from EuroClojure Added 2,665 16 2

      Edmund Jackson presented an introduction to core.logic from the ground up – e.g. what is logic?, why do you care? – to the nuts and bolts – e.g. fresh, unify and conde – to…

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      • Invention, Innovation and ClojureScript - David Nolen


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        as per subject :-)

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        • Reactive data visualisations with Om - Anna Pawlicka


          from EuroClojure Added 3,005 20 1

          Slides can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/annapawlicka/reactive-data-visualisations-with-om Facebook's React uses a virtual DOM diff implementation for high performance. It updates…

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          • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Curry-Howard Correspondence - Chris Ford


            from EuroClojure Added 1,949 14 1

            Slides can be found here: https://speakerdeck.com/ctford/the-hitchikers-guide-to-the-curry-howard-correspondence Functions are proofs. Um, I can see how that might work. Go on. Types are propositions.…

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            • Generative testing with clojure.test.check - Philip Potter


              from EuroClojure Added 586 2 1

              Slides can be found here: http://www.philandstuff.com/slides/2014/euroclojure.html#/ Change the way you think about tests! Why write individual unit tests, when you can write code to generate…

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              • Generating and Analyzing Events - Zach Tellman


                from EuroClojure Added 1,031 10 1

                When an event occurs, it comes from outside the normal linear flow of execution. Trying to fit these events into sequential code can be an exercise in frustration, making your code more complex and…

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                • Users As Data - Paul Ingles


                  from EuroClojure Added 719 5 1

                  Clojure’s focus on immutable data and sequences have been the inspiration for building new data tools for uSwitch.com: treating everything as data and building many tools that operate on the…

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                  • Interactive websites with Clojure, ClojureScript and REST - Malcolm Sparks


                    from EuroClojure Added 2,118 10 1

                    This presentation showed how easy it is to create web services with REST in Clojure using compojure-rest. Once we created these services we consumed them from a browser with ClojureScript.

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                    • Quick and Dirty Data Science with Incanter - Bruce Durling


                      from EuroClojure Added 1,218 6 0

                      The way Clojure libraries use sequences, maps and vectors makes it very easy to combine data from multiple sources. Incanter is a powerful library for statistical computing in Clojure. While this…

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                      • LIGHTNING TALKS & DEMOS: Journeys with Maps - Riemann - http.async.client - Canon fodder


                        from EuroClojure Added 569 5 0

                        First: Journeys with Maps by Robert Rees: moving from Object-Orientated languages with a strong emphasis on typing to a functional style with a duck-typing approach. Expect the talk changed therefore:…

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                        • Quil and Field: Using Clojure for Algorithmic Digital Art - Nick Rothwell


                          from EuroClojure Added 2,000 11 0

                          As a versatile, dynamic language Clojure lends itself well to digital artworks where brevity and flexibility allow visual ideas and designs to be quickly coded, tested and revised as part of the overall…

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