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Photographer & Multimedia producer

Based in Madrid. I work as a multimedia producer for different agencies and photographers.
Usually they ask me to turn on multimedia their photographic projects, so I proceed, in streght collaboration with the photographer.

I've worked for Magnum Photos (New York City), Prospekt Photographers (Milan) & Contacto Agencia de Fotografía (Madrid)

Cristina García Rodero, Thomas Hoepker, or italian photographers like Alfredo D'Amato, Francesca H. Mancini, Francesco Giusti or Samuele Pellecchia are some of the photographers who trusted on me to put their stories on the web.

I love photography. I've been doing it for the last 10 years, and freelancing for 3 years based in Italy.

Then, I've discovered edition, and I enjoy looking for new ways to mix photography, audio, music, rythm, emotion and documentation.

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