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EVA SIGURDARDOTTIR is a producer originally from Iceland. Her film education began at an early age, learning from her father who also works in the industry.

Eva studied Television Production at the University of Westminster, graduating with a first class honors in 2008. Since graduating Eva has worked on a number of shorts and feature films, television and online productions, and has traveled the world self-shooting a documentary. For the past few years she worked for BBC Children's, specializing in animation, acquisitions and drama.

Currently Eva is working as a Freelance Producer and Script Editor. Eva's Producer credits include the short films GOOD NIGHT (2012), DANIEL & TESS (2012), BRECKNOCK COURT (in production) and SLEEPING WITH CELEBRITY (in production). Finally Eva is also in early stages of development on two features.

With two shorts currently in production, as well as feature films in development, Eva is always on the lookout for interesting new projects and collaborators. Eva also takes on work as a Script Supervisor and Production Coordinator.

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