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Eva Wollenberg is a French polymathic and underground artist of Polish origins, born in 1982. Living and working in the middle of the woods and mountains, she creates an expansive ecosystem combining photography, poetry, video, mixed-media artworks and recently, music. Mainly a self-taught maverick, her creative approach is instinctive, intuitive and experimental. The public discovered her work in 2010, when she decided to come out of 12 years of creative seclusion.

Digging into the mine of existentialism, chtonian mysteries, the uncanny and the unseen, she is interested in inner exploration, emotional and psychological discovery. As a creative explorer, she uses art to give birth to the Self and incorporate Shadow elements into the personality, trigger and support metamorphosis, favor intuitive and deep bonding.

Attuned to life in a raw state, nurtured by the power of nature, she seeks to understand the connectivity of all of life: a sense of intimacy with animals, wild landscapes, deep primal forces in nature, are strong driving forces for her to create. Perceived beauty becomes a vehicle for a deeper understanding, part of a philosophical process that ultimately leads to freedom and inner peace.

Belonging to the mental minorities, neurodivergent, she advocates for a more respectful social integration of people born in the margins of the mental spectrum (savants, autistic people, gifted people), especially in the education field. She has been directly involved in many environmental and human rights campaigns on an international level.

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