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eps is an event production service company, here we work closely with our agency friends and clients to achieve one common goal: Creative outstanding results.

Combining the skills of our experienced team of technical consultants, sound and lighting designers, producers and project managers, we believe that even a simple event can have a wide impact when it is created with innovation, creative thinking and of course, excellent management. We strive to bring your ideas to life.

eps提供综合性的各类活动制作服务, 致力于同广告和公关公司、代理公司、策划公司的紧密合作,为了同一个共同目标:创造卓越呈现。我们的团队里有经验丰富的技术专家,音视频设计师,专业尽责的制作人和项目经理,我们相信即使是一个简单的线下活动,通过创意创新、巧妙的构思、优秀的现场管理,也可以有效的传达直接信息给受众群体。我们的努力目标就是将您的创想在现实中创造出来!

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