Webinar Series

Debrief + Semrush

Join us for Debrief: Episode 2 as we take a deeper look into Semrush’s latest video campaign, My Life, My Terms, featuring real live users.

June 14th 8AM PST / 11AM EST / 4PM BST

  • Olga Andrienko

    VP of Brand Marketing, Semrush

  • Andrew Warden

    CMO, Semrush

About this episode

Join us as we host Semrush marketing executives to discuss the three main elements that made their campaign a success – and where they plan to take it next.

  • Thinking outside the box

    Learn how the team employed B2C tactics for a B2B campaign – and how it paid off 

  • Sourcing the right subject

    Uncover the risks and rewards of working with a real Semrush customer versus a paid actor

  • Managing the timeline

    Gain insight into how long it really took to develop, distribute, and measure the campaign

Get an inside look at our favorite campaigns from concept to creation.

In each episode, we’ll get candid about a single campaign. Join us as we pass the mic to the minds who know this work the best. Expect plenty of tips, takeaways, and hot hot tea.