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Everyone We Know is a film production cooperative consisting of six filmmakers who met at Katrinebergs Film Course in 2008. We produce music videos, fiction, commercial, documentaries and informational film.

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  1. Sophia Soderqvist
  2. Doris Film
  3. Politism
  4. Vapen och Dramatik
  5. Hosea Waore
  6. Mike Mills
  7. Yoann Lemoine
  8. Sheryle Carlson
  9. Patrick Boivin
  10. Frederic Godec
  11. diala chinedu
  12. Michael Brodner
  13. Fero Zboray
  14. Jesse H Knight
  15. Luke Murphy Gilligan
  16. The Film Artist
  17. Kristian Engelsen
  18. Yehonatan Richter-Levin

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