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E.V. Haven Record (born 1984) is an artist, designer, and an author + illustrator + publisher of children’s books. She and her miraculous soulmate-husband live happily in their home in trees by the sea. She is a synesthete and is very fond of everything in the universe that creates a good chain reaction in the world. She believes that “A gentle life makes the heart happy” and all that surrounds it.

She translates her senses through love + family, art + design, baking + cooking, writing + illustrating children’s books, sewing + designing apparel, building + garden + home design, film + photography, music + dance, and more. She shares her recipes, new original artwork (in her bunny Haven shop), inspiration, and more every day on her site: evhavens.com/

Her artwork is for anyone, any age, any style home. She especially enjoys making things for children’s rooms.

Please visit her site for updates on new children's books, original artwork, and design.

Newest Children's Book: Eleanor's Witch Tales
Visit her shop: bunny Haven: etsy.com/shop/EVHaven

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