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Event Horizon specializes in Wedding Cinema with a candid flare. We are not your average event videographer. With over 8 years of experience in professional video production, we strive to offer the utmost in professionalism and quality. You have one day to cover this, make sure you hire someone that can capture all those important moments! Most feature films are shot over a period of time with each shot planned out. Weddings are the polar opposite of that. We shoot the day as it unfolds and have to be quick on our feet, adapting and planning shots on the fly. A photographer has to compose a shot for one picture, a videographer has to plan out movement, composition, depth, etc all while keeping the subject in focus for the entire shot.

Using a wealth of knowledge and experience, Jordan Dertinger provides a unique style for your wedding or event. As a filmmaker by passion, Jordan has acquired many techniques and styles over the years, and continues to do so on a daily basis. Much of what you will see in his style is all too familiar with hollywood films. It gives your final product that edge and look unfamiliar to most wedding videos. Every wedding is different, and its his job to craft and edit a unique, sentimental story from your big day. He not only loves what he does, but loves the tools he uses to do it. Using the latest technology, he is capable of achieving shots that were impossible only a few years ago, and a variety of filmmaking tools help add depth to each shot. With a candid shooting style, a lot of the time you wont even notice we're shooting your event! We pride ourselves on being stealth and non intrusive. Lastly, we shoot everything in 1080p HD and offer our end product in Blu Ray, providing you with video that will stand the test of time.

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