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Richard Humphreys BBc – Producer and Director of Photography

Richard ‘Rich’ Humphreys has been a passionate filmmaker since first picking up his Dads clunky old camcorder at the age of 8. Whilst at high-school he produced several light-hearted documentaries for important school events before attended the highly regarded New Zealand Broadcasting School. Since 2000 he has been building skills as a storyteller, producer, director and cameraman.

Richard is now an experienced lighting / cameraman with over ten years camera experience. Including five years working for TVNZ News and Current Affairs until (2004-09). He is active in filming for lifestyle, magazine, action sports, and news, documentary and reality programs for Broadcast in New Zealand and abroad. As well as a range of other non-broadcast corporate, arts and digital media projects. He is a strong leader, with a clear vision for the future shape of broadcasting.

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