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Formed by multi award winning Director William McGregor williammcgregor.co.uk

Evoke is a bespoke video production company who use their expertise in making award winning short films to create incredible corporate and commercial productions at an affordable cost.

Our ethos is to use funds gained from commercial work as investment into our creative projects as filmmakers. So by commissioning EVOKE you are not only guaranteeing yourself an engaging and aesthetically exciting video at a competitive price, but you are also helping the next generation of the British Film industry to realise their potential, creating original and exciting cinema.


  1. DX Films
  2. William McGregor
  3. Spectrecom Films
  4. The Mill
  5. Hearsay & Hyperbole
  6. Ivory
  7. Ryan Vernava
  8. Fábio Baldo
  9. Ian Pons Jewell
  10. Giant Leap Productions
  11. Adam Etherington
  12. laurie lynch
  13. Dev Morgan