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Evris is a Greek film director. Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt.
Studied Photography and Film Directing ın Stavrakou Fılm school..
Started off his career working as a still Photographer.
He has directed four short films:
1984 “They do it every day” Best short fılm of the year ın Greece.
1985 “We’re all doing fine” Best short fılm of the year ın Greece.
1986 “The Perfect Crime” Offıcıal entry at Berlın Film Festival 1987 and many other festivals. Golden at Salonica Film Festıval . Best film of the year in Greece.
2011 “ Just a Perfect day”. Official entry at the Locarno Film Festıval 2011, Montreal and many other festivals.

The last 20 years he has directed over 1000 commercials.
Dırector of the year 2000 ın Greece for the commercıal Seat Ibıza ''The Bull''
His Shorts and many of his commercials have participated and won awards in many festivals around the globe.
He now lives and works in İstanbul


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