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Eric W. Peterson is a Videographer/Filmmaker, Producer, Entrepreneur & Web Content Manager based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Although originally from Vancouver, Eric moved at a young age to the small coastal island of Salt Spring. Growing up on such a small island, Eric has learned to appreciate the workings of a small community and found a love with the outdoors, and nature. His largest passions in life include anything that get him outdoors and experiencing new things daily. When not busy with work, Eric can be found mountain biking, skiing, hiking, exploring, and enjoying seafood. A true west coaster, Eric loves being outdoors and would gladly trade an office for a rain soaked forest any day.

Eric started his professional videography & production businesses at the young age of 16 where he mainly worked within the sport of mountain biking. He has since expanded his services to include but not be limited to, Real Estate, Small Business Advertising, Corporate videos, Documentary work and Trade Show marketing.

Aside from filmmaking, Eric has also developed an extensive background in producing, online marketing, web design and management, advertising, and public relations.

Eric has had his work shown at events and film festivals across Canada and has been featured on countless online magazines. He has also shot news stories for CTV News/Bell Media and has had his timelapse videography used on the Weather Nation Television Network in the United States. Over the past years Eric’s online view counts alone, have reached over 5.5 million hits.

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