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The Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP) is a unique video collaboration among artists from all over the world, inspired by the Surrealist creation method, the "Exquisite Corpse". In the Surrealist 'game', a paper is folded such that each contributor sees only a small portion of the previous contributor's work, and begins his own work from that small portion. When the last participant is finished, the sheet is unfolded to reveal a strangely divergent, yet contiguous form or figure.

Using the semi-blind, sequential method of the surrealists' game, ECVP participants create video art in response to the final ten seconds of the previous member's work. Each member is asked to incorporate these seconds into their piece, creating transitions as they please, until everyone's vision is threaded together into an instigating final "corpse."

The project is coordinated by Brazilian video-artist, Kika Nicolela. In the first Volume of the project (2008), 9 videos were created in collaboration by 36 artists from 16 countries. Volume 2 of the ECVP (2009) consists of 12 videos made by over 50 artists from 21 countries.

ECVP screenings and exhibitions have been taking place in various countries since June 2008, such as Sweden, US, UK, Greece, Canada, Brazil, Australia and South Africa. A book on the ECVP Vol.1, edited by Alicia Felberbaum, has been released January 2010. The third volume of the project is being produced and it’s scheduled to be released by December 2010. The project was also selected for a residency at the Casa das Caldeiras, São Paulo, where 10 of the members from various countries will work together in a special ECVP (November-December 2010).

An interview with some of the project members can be read here:

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