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Having been a global player in management education for more than 60 years, MsM understands that management education is not so much about internationalization per se anymore. It is after all, the age of social media – and hence it is a standard requirement for a top class business school to be global. What management education needs now, more than ever, is substance. It is all about quality and relevance. And quality and relevance requires being constantly in touch, constantly innovating, always understanding the fundamental challenges and opportunities that managers, entrepreneurs and other decision-makers face. This is MsM. Old in years, but young in spirit; located in Europe, but present in the world; working with business, but working for people. In a time where crisis, greed and exploitation of human and natural resources are all too frequently headline news, we have been a passionate champion of sustainability – social, environmental and business sustainability. We believe our graduates learn more about themselves, as they learn about the world at MsM. Ultimately this is what will give them and their organizations the edge in life and business.

Maastricht School of Management is a leading provider of management education with worldwide presence. Our mission is to enhance the management capacity of professionals and organizations in and for emerging economies and developing countries with the objective to substantially contribute to the development of these societies.

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