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Ibrahim Zafar

Founder + CEO | Lens End Media

Ibrahim is the founder and CEO of Lens End Media, a video production and digital marketing agency based in Washington, D.C. Born in Pakistan and raised in North Carolina, Ibrahim has created a business that tackles end-to-end production for companies from a wide range of industries, including hospitals, political campaigns, non-profits, tech companies and startups.


Felicia Manning

Founder | Fe Brand Films

Felicia is the founder of Fe Brand Films, an L.A.-based commercial production studio focused on brand experiences through storytelling. Fe Brand, which typically takes on commercials, branded content, short films, and music videos, has partnered with a mix of large (including SAP and BEHR) and smaller (including Pawena Studio and Arcley) clients, and leans toward human-interest topics, character-driven stories, and cinematic aesthetics.


Tom Ruddock

Director + Co-founder | View 35 Films

Tom is a London-based Director and Writer, and the co-founder (along with Shelley Ruddock) of View 35 Films, founded in 2017. Whether working in films, commercials, music videos, or branded content, View 35 brings a story-first, highly empathetic approach to everything they do. Over his career Tom has worked with brands including Unilever, Facebook, Google, and Universal Music, but he is especially excited to be currently working on his first feature film. To date, Tom has received Vimeo Staff Picks for two of his excellent shorts, “Jacob’s Blessing” and “Runaway.

I joined Vimeo Experts because we needed to find a community that we could empathize with - as creatives in video production, we often come across the same pain points.

Ibrahim Zafar

Founder + CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join?

The only requirement is that you be on a paid Vimeo plan. The full terms of the program are here.

What do I get?

We created the Vimeo Experts program to help you grow your business. We do this by providing training, connecting you with fellow Experts, rewarding you for referring new customers, and giving you VIP support. We expect to add to this list of benefits in the coming months.

Who can I refer?

You can refer any person, company, or organization you work with in a professional capacity—any of your clients or customers who do not currently have a paid Vimeo account.

What’s the referral process?

To refer a new Vimeo customer, use the Customer Referral Form. (This form is made available to you once you have enrolled in the program.) You will enter your email, the email address of the new customer, and an optional custom message. If the referral is for a self-serve Vimeo plan, the recipient will receive an email invitation with a 25% discount.

When am I eligible for an award?

If the customer you refer signs up for an annual Vimeo self serve plan within 30 days of receiving your invitation, you’ll be eligible for the referral reward. In the case of a referral for an enterprise plan, the customer you refer must sign an agreement with Vimeo within 30 months for you to be eligible for the referral reward.Vimeo has no obligation to contract with any potential customer that you refer. Additional exclusions may apply, see the program’s terms and conditions

Why did you create Vimeo Experts?

Our community asked us for this program. You told us that you wanted improved support, training on Vimeo products, and additional opportunities to find new clients to support the growth of your businesses. Vimeo Experts is a new program, designed to do exactly that.

What's in it for Vimeo?

Many of our customers rely on this community of creative professionals. Vimeo benefits when we help train the community to use Vimeo products to power the success of our joint customers.

Am I eligible for a referral award if the recipient already has a Vimeo account?

If a customer upgrades from a free account to a paid subscription or from self serve account to an enterprise plan as a result of your referral, you will be eligible for an award. However, if a customer upgrades from an existing paid self-serve subscription to any other paid self-serve subscription as a result of your referral, you will not be eligible for a reward. Please refer to the program terms and conditions for details.

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