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Hi there,

Remember the time, when video killed the radio.
Today short, smart videos are killing long, boring text all over the internet.

explainerguru.com Explainer Guru is an independent Creative Video Agency operating out of Bangalore - the city driving the IT revolution in India, and at Imphal, a beautiful valley, serenely nestling along the foothills of the sub-Himalayan ranges.

We are just a bunch of creative people who honestly share the belief that life doesn't have to be boring.
And, doing the things that we love the most, makes life less boring, and much more meaningful and rewarding.

And we love making really exciting,fun and meaningful animated explainer videos.

We craft each of our videos with its own personality so that each stands on its own with the message that needs to be delivered.

So, if you need an animated explainer videos for your product or service, or to tell the story of your brand, business, drop by explainerguru.com and let's create some magic!


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  • ExplainerGuru.com - Our mission is to make ideas memorable through the medium great videos This is our website (beta).So, if you like our explainer videos, drop by once in a while to check our what we are upto. And yeah, we are always upto to something new. Ciao.